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Cuisinart GR 4N as Your Kitchen Companion. Do you love cooking? What kind of food that you usually make? If you say that you like to cook hamburger, steak, and Panini, you have to follow my article below. Here, we are going to tell you about new and multitasking product. It is a Cuisinart GR 4N. Have you ever known about this product? Well, we are going to tell more about it.

Cuisinart GR 4N
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Cuisinart GR 4N

What is Cuisinart GR 4N? It is a kitchen appliance which has a function to grill some food. It consists of reversible plates which can be used to replace from grilled to any other units. It has 5 in 1 unit for a contact grill, full grill, full griddle, half grill and Panini press.

This tool is made from stainless steel and it looks strong and solid. It has a dual temperature that can help you to control and make sure that everything that you put is perfectly cooked. It is designed with the floating cover which ease you to adjust and press the thick food.

Full grill is usually used in double surface area and it use the flat surface for grilling. It is usually used to make a burger, steak, and poultry with no bone, fishes and vegetables. You can use those two surface for grill the food with various types of food and various size on the same time. Then, full griddle is used to grill pancake, egg, toast, and hash brown.

You have to open the cover and make all surface flat. You are allowed to cook on those two surfaces and cook with a large amount of foods. Half grill is used to cook bacon, eggs, steak and potatoes. You can use one flat surface and the other is grill side. Contact grill is used to grill burger, boneless meat and vegetables.

Its unit is used to cook only a short amount of food. You only need a few minutes because you use both grill sides for cooking. Then, Panini grill is used to toast sandwich, bread and quesadilla. You have to press them between two grill to toast the bread and make the sandwich warm.

How do you change the surface of its tool? Well, you only need to take the plates and replace the positions. You can flip the flat surface into the griddle surface easily.

It is an easy way to clean up this tool. It has a removable nonstick plate which ease you to clean this appliance. You only need to wipe with the wet towel with soap and rinse it with the clean wet towel. Or maybe you can take the plate out and put on the dishwasher. It is so easy in taking out the plates

If you are the busy person, you might need this appliance to help you in preparing meals. You just need to prepare the beef or ham or bread to make a sandwich. You can control the medium, low or high temperature to grill that ingredients. Then, if you like to do a barbeque party. It is a suitable thing which might help and ease you to grill the meat in a short time. It is a kind of utensil which is good to be carried. You can bring it easily into some places. It is also easy to be stored.

So, it is all about Cuisinart GR4N. You can know about this product, the specification, its function and how to clean it. You can see the benefits that you can get by having this tool. You might think about these benefits before having a plan to buy this appliance. You can find this product only by spending money less than $100. You only need to waste around $84 to get this multi benefits appliance. Then, you will get three years warranty for this product.

Cuisinart GR 4N Review for You

Cuisinart GR 4N review can be the best reference for you who want to buy this product. Reading the product review is very important. You can know the product on detail. As a result, you can make such consideration before buying it. Well, this Cuisinart will be the recommended product for your kitchen stuff. If you want to know the review of it, keep reading below! This article is going to discuss about GR 4N review.

The First Product Details

First of all, you need to know that this Cuisinart GR 4N is completed by 5 in 1 countertop. Its countertop will work as the contact grill. Besides that, it can be also used as the full griddle/ grill, half grill/ griddle, and Panini press.

There is also the housing of brushed stainless steel. This product is really supported by the best quality of stainless steel. Next, you can also find the sturdy Panini with the handle style. It will help you holding it well.

Then, you don’t have to be worried to check the thickness of your food. This item has the floating cover that will help you to adjust the food thickness. So, those are all the first product details that you can get from this Cuisinart GR 4N review.

The Second Product Details

In the second product details of this Cuisinart GR4N review, let’s talk about its cooking plates. Well, the cooking plates of Cuisinart GR 4N are removable and reversible. This design will help the plate for draining the grease. As a result, you will get integrated drip tray and healthier cooking.

You will also find the temperature control on this product. It is very adjustable. Besides that, this temperature control is also completed by the indicator lights. After buying this product, you will get also the scraping tool and gourmet recipes. Those items will be very helpful for your cooking activities, right?

Next, you need to know that this Cuisinart product built uses the Standards of North American Electrical. So, you don’t need to be worried about its quality. If you want to operate this product at the first time, you can read user manual or watch the product video.

Well, how much is it? This product’s price is about 84.00 dollars. It is very adjustable price for you, right? So, if you want to get the best cook you can choose this Cuisinart product. Finally, those are all the Cuisinart GR 4N review

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