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DEWALT DCK240C2 Review—A Powerful Combo of Great Drill and Impact Driver. Looking for a good drill driver combo kit is not easy, but this DEWALT DCK240C2 review definitely can help you. This is because this combo kit comes with the combination of the best DEWALT products that certainly will not disappoint. These are the list of remarkable things that this product can bring to help you deliver better project result.

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Main Features

There are five kinds of item that you will get with this combo kit. They are DCF885 impact driver, DCD771 drill driver, two 20 V MAX lithium-ion battery, 20 V MAX charger and also a contractor bag to store the first four items.

The stars in this DEWALT DCK240C2 review are definitely the impact driver and the drill driver. First of all, let’s talk about the impact driver. DCF855 is the brand’s popular ¼” impact driver. It is capable of finishing moderate to difficult projects because it delivers plenty of torque. One of the best things about this tool is the fact that it is equipped with 3 LED light rings with 20 seconds delay. This small feature will really help you finish your project with more accuracy since it will ensure clear visibility without shadows getting in the way.

Furthermore, you will also love this product because it is very compact and lightweight. It is only 5.55 inches long with 2.8 pounds of weight. It certainly will not give you a hard time when you have to drill in a little and cramped space.

Now, let’s move to the drill driver, the ½ inches DCD771. Every DEWALT DCK240C2 review absolutely will commend the high performance motor of this drill driver. This is because the motor is certainly no joke. It is capable to deliver 300 unit watt, which is not bad at all considering its class.

Besides the high performance motor, this drill driver becomes more appealing due to its two speed transmissions. The speed is ranging from 0 to 450 rpm and if you need high speed it is able to go up to 1,500 rpm. It certainly will increase your productivity because this tool can do various drilling and fastening jobs.

In addition, DCD771 comes with 16 clutch settings and also keyless ratcheting chuck that makes it very easy to change bits. Furthermore, just like the impact driver, the drill driver is also very lightweight and compact. With 3.6 pounds, it is a little bit bigger compared to DCF855, but it is still very easy to lift and will not put too much strain on your hand when you are working.

Pros and Cons

· Pros

– Powerful impact driver with 3 LED light rings.

– The drill driver has great performance motor that generates 300 watt.

– Very compact and lightweight, can be used in small and limited spaces.

– Great portability thanks to the belt hook.

· Cons

– The drill driver is not the strongest when compared to other similar products in the same price range.


Overall, this is the product you want to purchase if you need a powerful drill driver combo kit. The impact driver is one of the company’s most wanted products so you don’t have to worry about its performance. Even though the drill driver is not the most potent in the market, its performance will not make you disappointed. It is very versatile and it is more than enough to be used in mild to moderate projects. There are still so many excellent features other than the ones we discussed in this DEWALT DCK240C2 review. You can go simply go to the nearest stores to purchase this drill combo kit and find out its other interesting features.

DEWALT DCK240C2 Review and the Excellent Things that Await for You

This DEWALT DCK240C2 review will help you choose the best drill that will increase your productivity. It is not a secret that drill is an important part of your project. Unfortunately, not all drills are manufactured with quality in mind. If you purchase that kind of product, you certainly will only waste your time. If you want your job to finish quicker with better result, this DEWALT drill/impact driver combo kit is the answer. Here are some things that distinguish this combo kit with other similar drill set.

DCF885 Impact Driver

The impact driver in this combo kit is the powerful ¼” 20 MAX lithium-ion DCF885, an award winning tool with a very good reputation. It features one-handed loading and ¼ inches chuck that matches 1 inches bit tips which makes it very versatile and easy to use. You also will love the fact that this impact driver comes with 3 LED light ring with 20 seconds delay. This feature will help you work because it eliminates shadows around the working area and make working more convenient.

There is one thing that you definitely will read in every DEWALT DCK240C2 review. This product is very strong and can pierce through tough materials without wasting your sweat. This is the impact driver that will help you delivering more accurate result.

DCD771 Drill Driver

The second great thing we are going to talk about in this DEWALT DCK240C2 review, and also the next item you will get in this combo kit is the DCD771 drill driver. This is a nice drill that can do its job well, thanks to its 2 speed transmissions (0-450 rpm and 1,500 rpm). Because it has more than one speed transmission, this drill driver is capable to do wider range of drilling and fastening job. This excellence is accompanied by its high performance motor that is capable to deliver 300 units watt.

Very Convenient to Use

Drilling is a tough job so you need a tool that is convenient to use and this combo kit is the answer. Both the drill driver and impact driver is very compact and lightweight. The drill driver is 3.6 pounds while the impact driver is slightly lighter with 2.8 pounds.

Lifting the tool and using it will not be a hassle, especially because it comes with belt hook that improve its portability aspect. Simply purchase this product right now to prove the great things you have read in this DEWALT DCK240C2 review

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